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How it works?

Its really simple. Follow the steps and get started today!

Step 1

Choose a shipping option and enter the address details for delivery.

Step 2

Add the Weight of the item you are sending not the Volume size.

Step 3

Print your shipping label, stick the label on your package and the courier company will pick-up.

Pick a Courier

Pallets, Pallet Jacks, Forklifts, Blanket Wrap, Decking, Straps, Dollies, Air Ride Trucks, Handcarts, Ramps, Load bars

Generate labels

Jet Fast Service) Cargo Vans or straight trucks are available to expedite your important freight.

Arrange pickup

(One, Two, or Four Delivery Available) Within minutes of placing a call to VIP Courier, your job is assigned to a courier and handled according to your instructions.


(VIP Courier can simplify loading and unloading procedures for just about any dock - anywhere, anytime with our tracking service.


Warehousing is available for those companies who have special warehousing needs or storage requirements. Your freight is available for shipment around the clock.

Customer Service

Our professional customer service staff is always available for immediate retrieval and preparation for urgent delivery.


We utilize state of the art dispatching software to monitor, track and control each courier delivery. Our “digital countdown“ technology alerts dispatchers to potential late situations before they occur..


Our Express Freight division combines the speed, convenience and security of local courier service with the resources of a traditional moving service. We can move your office freight on short notice in as little as two hours with no minimums. .


From adjusting scheduled routes to making dedicated runs, we look for the most efficient and cost effective method of meeting your delivery needs.

Trusted worldwide

Every day, thousands of people use Deprixa Pro to grow their business